Feb Afternoon/ MCR

C41 Machine fixed! Where to start..



walter mitty & a jaywalker

7i struggled to look at this even through my viewfinder. we all come across dead animals, but this looked more like a crime scene.

9taken from the bus window after arguing with myself about it. the bus driver had stopped in the middle of the road and beeped until this lady woke up and gave a tiny wave. she was back on her feet within a couple of minutes and helped away. probably just been on the sauce all night.

a bus driver showing compassion? has to be worth a visual reminder

38 4pm in piccadilly gardens. i love the curve of sunlight on the left.                          unspectacular you say? yes, but after a long, grey winter i almost got high on it. i’ve photographed people in that sun spot a few times – usually middle eastern students getting some vitamin d.



Untitled-31life goes on


January 12th 2014

Belated Happy New Year!

I recently drew a line under a project I’ve been working on for a while now. The results will be published by Cafe Royal Books in June. I’ll keep you updated, but that’s basically where my recent work has been going.

Just for right now, some stragglers featuring..stragglers.

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